If your car has a combination of stone chips, gutter rash, dints, upholstery wear or a chip in the windscreen - then this is the service for you.

We repair all these issues and more in our comprehensive "Birthday" package.

What's Involved

First we assess the car - we check for stone chips, dints, rust and paint condition.

From there we raise a report for you - this allows us to show you what could be done and for you to tell us what you want done.

The package includes the following, as a minimum:

  • Stone chip repair on bumper, bonnet and front guards (additional areas will be included as required).
  • Wheel gutter rash repair.
  • Brake calliper, hub and wheel colour change (your choice of colour / factory colour match can be provided).
  • Repair any upholstery issues (such as wear on the driver's seat or sagging hood lining).
  • Provide a full external cut and polish detail.
  • Interior detail and leather conditioning treatment (where applicable).

Optional extras (frequently requested by our customers) include:

  • Decal design or replacement (replace any faded decals such as those found on brake callipers).
  • Chrome delete (black out chrome accent pieces for a new look).
  • Full body ceramic coating paint protection.
  • Replace faded existing, or install new, window tinting.

From there we get to work on your car - starting by removing the bonnet and bumper bars and any fittings as required.

We then get one of our highly skilled tradesmen to start repairing and painting the effected areas.

While all that is happening, we prep the wheels, hubs, brake callipers for paint, remover interior pieces for reupholstering and do any paintless dent repair where possible. 

Once the car is reassembled, we will give it a full cut and polish detail and interior clean.

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