Whether you’ve got an older vehicle that’s become a sentimental favourite of yours, or a vintage classic that needs to be brought back to its prime, our car restoration services can help you breathe new life into your vehicle.

What's Involved?

Step 1 - Outlining Your Goals

Car restoration starts with an understanding of the end goal and a plan to achieve it. At Styling Automotive we work with you to create a stage by stage plan to achieve your desired result. We'll discuss bodywork and interior modifications as well as external paint options.

Step 2 - Discovery

Restoring a classic car requires more than a quick respray. To get a quality result requires preparation. That means stripping the vehicle back to bare metal which is when the real detail of the project comes to light. This is when past repairs are laid bare, faults discovered, filler repairs and the quality of replacement panels is revealed. Hidden rust and corrosion are one of the more common discoveries. At this point we bring the vehicle owner back in to see the extent of any issues and explain what rectification work will be required. By doing this everyone understands the reasons for any change in timetable or costs.

Step 3 - Metal Work

Once the car has been laid bare, our experts can work their magic with panel and chassis repairs cutting out any rust, replacing any damaged panels and repairing any cracked welds or poorly fitted panels.

Step 4 - Body Work

Now the car begins to take shape. Attention to detail is critical in this stage, to ensure the car is ready for paint. We have all seen those respray jobs that initially looked good but quickly showed blemishes as the underlying faults showed through. Not at Styling Automotive. We conduct all the necessary preparation to ensure a concours finish is achievable.

Step 5 - Ancillary Parts

At Styling Automotive we aim to provide you with a one stop shop experience during your restoration. We organise the acquisition of all the additional components your car needs to complete it's restoration. This includes having parts refinished in chrome, powder coating parts, organising mechanical and interior repairs, and ordering any clips/nuts/bolts necessary. All of this is taken care of for you while we repair and prepare your car for paint.

Step 6 - Paint

Our expert vehicle refinishers will then get to work applying your new colour. We use a combination of our in house spray booth and the best quality paint (Glasurit) to achieve results that have to be seen to be appreciated.

Step 7 - The Final Details - Assembly, Detail and Photography

The car is then reassembled to perfection, given a complete external cut and polish and prepared for you to collect.
As an added bonus, every restoration will receive a free, professional photoshoot upon completion.


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