Are you an avid race car enthusiast looking for a body shop that will keep you on the tarmac season to season?

Look no further than Styling Automotive - we can repair panel damage, fabricate custom roll cages, modify custom aero kits, apply custom decals or give your car a fresh coat of paint for the season.

Race to Race - Revival Package

Pushing your car to the limits on the track each week takes a toll on your car's body and paint (not just your mechanical components). Each drive, your car is peppered with stone chips and potentially slammed with light panel damage from going door to door with your competitors. We don't need to explain what happens when your car comes off the tarmac and onto the dirt... that expensive aero kit won't be doing much for you if it's bent out of shape.

Which is why we've designed our Race to Race - Revival Package specifically to keep your race car looking and performing its best.

We also understand that you'll be itching to get back on the track by the weekend. So, to ensure your car is ready to race when you need it, every customer that purchases our "Race to Race - Revival Package" will be prioritised over any other work we have in the shop for that week (this is a first in, first served situation however).

We can help you with the following:

  • Stone chip repair on bumper, bonnet and front guards or any other areas that are heavily stone chipped.
  • Panel damage repair and paint (where required).

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New Season - New Look

Whether your race car's body took a beating this season, or you're after a new look for next season, then this package is for you.

We'll repair any damage you've sustained to your car's body throughout the season, then give your car a brand new coat of paint and apply your personalised decals.

The package includes the following, as a minimum:

  • Panel damage repair or replacement.
  • Fresh coat of paint over the car.
  • Provide a full external cut and polish detail.
  • Full body ceramic coating paint protection.
  • Clear armour wrap on heavily stone chipped areas.

Optional extras (frequently requested by our customers) include:

  • Wheel and brake calliper colour (one set).
  • Decal replacement or new application.
  • Complete bare metal respray (colour of your choosing).
  • Installation or modification of aero packages (including spoiler kits).
  • Body modification (such as widening guards).
  • Roll cage fabrication, installation and colour.
  • Windscreen replacement.

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