Styling Automotive provides a comprehensive detailing service which can bring new life to your car.
What sets this apart from a routine detail is the extent of work done and the attention your car is given by our team.

What's involved

Visual Inspection

The process starts with a visual 360 inspection of the vehicle to identify the history of the car, including scratches, bumps, scrapes along with old and new paint.

Interior Detail

The team starts by carefully unloading any contents within the car.

They then get to work on cleaning the dust and waste build up from within the hard surfaces of the car, all the way down to the air vents and door trim.

The carpets are next up, getting a wet and dry vacuum, including the seats if they are cloth.

Products are then applied to the surfaces to restore them and provide short term weather protection from the elements.

Exterior Detail

The exterior detail starts with a thorough degreasing of the wheels, engine bay, door jams and all remaining openings. From here, an initial clean on the body work is done to remove any of the heavy grime and bug buildup and to reveal the lines of the car and see where the attention needs to be focussed.

A clay bar is then used to further improve the finish and establish where the paint may need additional attention. 

The cut and polish is then started using a coarse cutting compound to lift off any contaminants, clean and prepare the surface for the next stages.

The buffing process then begins using Styling Automotive professional tools and products. This is a staged approach which works down to a fine polish.

The final part of the process is washing the car down to remove any waste from buffing and polishing. Then a final glaze / wax is then applied. Additional coatings (such as ceramic coatings), can be applied at this stage.

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