If you are on a budget and looking to make a big impact on improving the look of your car the blackout kit is for you. 

What's involved

The blackout kit sees all your chrome or alloy parts of your vehicle painted in either satin or gloss black Glasurit paint (see why Styling Automotive uses Glasurit paint here).

The process is simple but effective, making a big visual impact on how your car sits on the road.

  1. We carefully remove the chrome work from the car with specialist tools. This includes window trim, badges and any other minor parts.
  2. We then prepare the chrome work and paint the parts in either gloss or satin black, depending on your preference.
  3. We then start work on painting the rims, meticulously preparing each rim and painting the face and the inside of the rim. The hubs of the car are also painted specifically to add depth to the look of the vehicle.
  4. The parts are then precisely placed back on the car and the car is detailed and handed back to you.

Optional extras (frequently requested by our customers) include:

  • As an option, we can tint the windows to complete the look.

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