Glasurit is known as the premium paint that car restorers know and love. Styling Automotive uses Glasurit paint for restorations and repairs because of its ease of use and high-quality finish.

Glasurit is BASF’s premium paint brand which has been in circulation since 1920.

Glasurit has also provided support back to the car restoration industry over the years, most notably by working with Chip Foose to create a custom line of colours.

Why Styling Automotive uses Glasurit Paint

Glasurit only provides first-class products, which enables repairers to carry out each paint job with superior and long-lasting results.

Styling Automotive spray painters find the product easy to use and love the results you can get when working with the Glasurit 22 and 55 lines.

Glasurit quality ensures better longevity from a re-spray, meaning you won’t be back in a few years expecting touch-ups or dealing with issues.

Glasurit also stands out from its competitors because it is aligned and approved by OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers).

Styling Automotive can rely on Glasurit for rare paint colours thanks to the Glasurit Colour database which caters for every original paint colour. Glasurit uses an archive which has records of over 250,000 original colours, a comprehensive library of numerous colour programmes. If you are interested in accessing the database yourself it is available here.

Glasurit now provides detailed online support for the application of their products through the Glasurit Know-how platform. Styling Automotive workers access this support when carrying out unique jobs for customers.

Local Glasurit Supplier

Styling Automotive is supplied with Glasurit paints by Prestige Paint & Equipment who are based in South East Queensland. Prestige Paint & Equipment is the Glasurit distributor for the South East Queensland region and have been operating successfully for decades.

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