If you're about to sell your car, but you know it's condition could be better - don't settle for a lower sale price, take advantage of our competitively priced "Ready for Sale" package. Have your car stand out amongst the competitors within the market.

What's involved

Chances are that you already know where your problem areas are, so we'll go through them with you.

Then we'll work out what the best spend of your money will be, to get your car looking it's best again, within your budget.

The package includes the following, as a minimum:

  • Repair and paint damaged panels of concern.
  • Wheel gutter rash repair.
  • Provide a full external cut and polish detail.
  • Interior detail and leather conditioning treatment (where applicable).
  • Professional photoshoot - includes 10+ digital photographs for you to use in your for sale advertisement.

Optional extras (frequently requested by our customers) include:

  • Conducting a roadworthy inspection and issue of certificate (if there is any work required, such as tyres or brake pads, we will contact you and arrange for the necessary repairs).
  • Replace faded existing, or install new, window tinting.
  • Repair any upholstery issues (such as wear on the driver's seat or sagging hood lining).

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